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It wasn't me -I didn't do it! A big boy did it and ran away. . .

screenies :D

You can Mail me your screenies at

here are some from RayDog of the film set we built today


The Herobrine Project

Everyone is welcome to come and help on the Herobrine Project -a new Movie for YouTube! With original storyboard, music etc. Builders, actors and extras may be needed. Come to the Emerald Adventure server to see Brabant, or mail me in game/email me if you would like to be part of this new movie.

See ya soon


Valentines Build Competition

It is time for the annual Valentines Build Competition!

An area with creative and a warp has been provided for you to create your wonderful build.

Prizes include a Brab Plays T shirt, region guard for you fave home/area, /nick and more

See you soon


Edit: Competition is over :)
– Sasha