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It wasn't me -I didn't do it! A big boy did it and ran away. . .

Xmas Build Competition!

It’s here! The 2016 xmas build competition!

We have a creative world set aside for you to make your best xmas and festive creations.

Prizes include a Brabant T-shirt (I will mail it to u) your own area Region Guarded to your specifications, and /nicknames….

Good luck and happy building!


Edit: Competition is over :)
– Sasha

Upgrading to v. 1.11

The Emerald Adventure server will be upgraded to version 1.11 this Saturday -19th Nov

I have taken great pains to find and save all your builds as schematics so you can keep your projects

Inventory items will not transfer over, neither will /balance

I shall run some fun server events though to make sure you get some awesome goodies :D

Get on the server, download Schematica Mod and make sure your build is saved, or come and see me