NOT Goodbye :D


Spiffing News Chaps and Chapesses,

thanks to the amazing Sasha the Hidey Hole lives still!!

We are back on

version is 1.9.4

Come and play, build and survive :D

I will be on myself from time to time to say hi :D

Brab xxxxx


EDIT by Sasha:

Hi there, just felt like adding my two cents :)
Server’s updated for plugins, I have disabled minigames and a few other plugins for the time being, I have a very long list of things  I’d like to do with the server, but all of this will take time. I’ll do my best to make time for these changes, but it will be difficult as I’m stretched for time between work, social life and my personal server. If you have any Ideas, suggestions or opinions, drop a line in the forums :) take care all – Sasha.

EDIT by Sasha (Oct. 18th 2016)

The 1.9 server will no longer be accessible.